Weekend To-Do: Postmortem

  • Post job opening to Craig’s List. Wonder why it doesn’t appear on the site. Email support. Fail to receive reply. Realize one gets what one pays for.
  • Go to airport to retrieve 15 year old. Scoff at 10 year old’s suggestions that repeated schedule changes are airline’s way of “breaking it to you gently that the plane crashed.”
  • Breathe sigh of relief when 15 year old’s arrival proves 10 year old’s theory false.
  • Wonder if bringing 8 year old to honky-tonk bars to hear dad play music will ultimately give him a healthier or less-healthy attitude toward alcohol.
  • Shoot lots of virtual, fake, video-game zombies. Feel warm glow of virtual, fake, video-game accomplishment for protecting virtual, fake, video-game loved ones. Tell actual, non-fake, real-world loved ones to stop interrupting zombie-shooting.
  • Read important masterpiece of world literature.