A Photo A Day Project

I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated lately that my creative output has been so meager. As a counter to that, I have decided to embark upon a project for February: A Photo A Day. Inspired in part by amboo_who‘s faithful and excellent photographic chronicling of her daughter’s growth, I thought this would be a fun way to get the juices going again.

Why February? Because February’s the shortest month and I am lazy.

While I think this would be fun as a solitary exercise, I think it’ll be more fun with friends. So if any of you photographers out there want to play along, here are the guidelines:

  • Let me know you want to participate.
  • Post one photo each day of February to your Flickr account. (Don’t have one? Get one! They’re free.)
  • Ideally, the photo should be one that you’ve taken that day. Barring that, recent is good. Failing that, you can dig into your archives for something you haven’t posted before.
  • Include a paragraph or two with any information about the photo you think might be of interest.
  • Each photo should be tagged with aphotoaday08.
  • Additional tagging and geotagging for extra credit!
  • If others choose to participate, I’ll make a page and an RSS feed to consolidate everyone’s latest entries.

I think this will be fun!