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Kids’ Day Out: 2011(ish) Edition

Each Summer, while the kids are out of school, I arrange a full day out with each of them. Sometimes that means taking a day off of work; on other occasions we squeeze it in on a Saturday. Regardless of when it is, it’s one of the things I look forward to a ton each […]

Virtual Photography

Back in 2001, CBS introduced EyeVision for their Superbowl telecast. EyeVision allowed the broadcasters to combine images from several dozen cameras, positioned and 7Ā° intervals around the stadium, into a seamless playback that could be rotated on the fly, creating an effect much like the famous “Bullet Time” sequence in The Matrix. The technology, while […]

Weekend Photography Project: Build a Light Box

I have family and friends who are terrific at making some really cool stuff. And while much of it looks great in situ, sometimes I want to take a photo that shows something off all by itself, with no background to distract the viewer from the subject of the photo. You know, like this: To […]

Why the iPhone is the Best Camera Ever

Back in the early days of digital cameras, I bought a Kodak DC220 camera. By today’s standards, this camera is wholly unremarkable: 1MP resolution, 2x optical zoom, and a funny shape. But it had one feature that stood out, and which modern cameras entirely lack: a scripting language. Anybody with a modicum of technical acumen […]

15th Anniversary Weekend

Kathy and I spent this past weekend down in San Antonio to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We had considered traveling farther afield in recognition of the significance of the milestone, but after recently replacing both our van and our home’s air conditioning system, we decided that something more modest would be in order. Since we […]

A Photo A Day Kicks Off Today

Well, a couple of my fun and camera-loving friends have decided to play along, so have created a dedicated page for the A Photo A Day adventure. If anybody else is interested in joining in the frivolity, all you have to do is post a photo to FlickrĀ  for each day in February, tagging each […]

A Photo A Day Project

I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated lately that my creative output has been so meager. As a counter to that, I have decided to embark upon a project for February: A Photo A Day. Inspired in part by amboo_who‘s faithful and excellent photographic chronicling of her daughter’s growth, I thought this would be a fun […]