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Early Sunday Morning

Ah, the blessed hour between the time I wake up and the rest of the house slips free of sleep. Quiet. Peace. A chance to read, to write, to meditate, to pray, and — a wonder! — not just hold back entropy, but to make a little progress against it. Worship by making breakfast tacos […]

A Pragmatist’s Love Song

A Pragmatist’s Love Song I have not fallen in love with you, as if love were a puddle into which one trips by accident, and from which one might stumble just as easily. I am not mad about you, our love a confused and screaming Bedlam, filled with unreal fears and phantasms that don’t know […]

Kathy’s Birthday Poem

We had a Christmas/Liam’s Birthday/Kathy’s Birthday party yesterday evening at our home. I had decided this year that, instead of buying Kathy a present, I would write her a poem reflecting something of the admiration I have for the work she does as a Mom and a wife. Here it is: She dances in the […]