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You Have Unlocked an Achievement: Prognostication

A while back, I wrote a post on Workplace Motivation and Game Mechanics, where I speculated on the efficacy of using game systems, like achievements, awarding points, high score lists, etc., to help motivate people in the workplace. Last week at the DICE Summit, Carnegie-Mellon Assistant Professor of Education and Technology Jesse Schell gave a […]

An Open Letter to Wake The Dead Coffee House

Hi Julie, I saw the other day that some folks in the neighborhood are petitioning to have your beer & wine license revoked, due to a perceived negative impact on the neighborhood. As a resident of the same neighborhood, I wanted you to know that I’m against that action for a variety of reasons. I’m […]


A couple of good articles I’ve stumbled across recently on various current events: Barry Brake rejoices at the restoration of habeus corpus by the US Supreme Court. But sweet betty boop, how is it that this is even contentious? Certainly the cost of arranging hearings for these folks would be the merest fraction of the […]

Some Reading For The Summer

Here are a couple of books I’ve quite enjoyed recently: IrresistibleĀ Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical: Shane Claiborne, the author of this book, is an interesting cat. He’s passionately devoted to the idea of living according to Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament, especially with regard to the poor and disenfranchised. I particularly enjoyed his […]

Sci-Fi Future: Bioengineering

On one of our recent dates, Kathy and I had stopped by the local pet store to browse around a bit. While passing by the fish, I noticed tank full of fish that were even more brightly colored than the usual tropicals. When asked, a salesperson explained to me that they were GloFish: zebra fish […]

Gambling More Reliable Than Voting

Over at his weblog, my friend Jim Roepcke posts an interesting comparison of the regulations governing slot machines and those over electronic voting machines. It’s pretty sobering, and makes The Onion’s story on the election results being released in advance look alarmingly plausible. It’s absolutely ridiculous that software that does something as straightforward as polling […]


“I’ve been one poor correspondent, I’ve been too too hard to find…” Sorry about the scant posting of late, my little chickadees. Lots of life going on, and the A Photo A Day project was sucking up a bit of time in February, even though I didn’t manage to totally complete the challenge I set […]

Am I Hot Or Not: The George W. Bush Edition

Steven Levy has a very interesting article over at Newsweek where he talks about William Poundstone‘s upcoming book Gaming the Vote: Why Elections Aren’t Fair (and What We Can Do About It). The gist of it, to steal both men’s thunder, is that by giving the election to the candidate who got the most votes […]