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Grafik Intervention

Last night, Kathy and I stopped by a neighborhood in downtown San Marcos to see this: The project was done by a typography class at Texas State University, and included this historical home, a neighborhood church, and an old jail. Students had researched the history of each of the structures, and then devised projected sequences […]

Humanities and Technology

Yesterday the kids were off from school for teacher conferences. We started off with 10 young people under the roof, thanks to sleepovers, with the remainder of the day continuing in the same busy, wild vein. And then, on the way to pick up a collection of teenagers from the river, I heard on NPR […]

Marvelous Birthday Present

As all you regular readers of this blog already know, my friend Jason Young and I are rather prone to building things that break other things. For my 40th birthday, we built a potato cannon and used it to shoot down my birthday piƱata. For my 41st birthday, Jason used this photo from the 40th: […]

The Need for Beauty

I don’t often post mere links to other people’s essays here, but The Need for Beauty mirrors some of my own thoughts and challenges as a parent and a creative person so nicely that I couldn’t pass it up without pointing more folks towards it. Well worth a read, especially for people who fall into […]

Wire Tree Prototype

Several months ago I was out in Wimberley, visiting my favorite hill country art gallery, and stumbled upon a huge, lovely tree sculpture made of wire. I was so impressed with the piece that I immediately decided to learn to make something similar myself. So yesterday, I picked up a dollar worth of florist’s wire […]

Mistletoe Furlough Redux

We’ve made it home safely from our grand Christmas roadtrip, and are enjoying the comfort of sleeping in our own beds once more. I don’t have the time or skill to do the trip justice, but here are a few of the highlights that stick out in my memory: A wonderful extended time of visiting […]


One of my favorite things about being a parent is those sterling moments when I suddenly realize that one of the kids has gone beyond me and done something of their own accord that I didn’t prompt or of which I’m not even capable. Emily’s artwork has been one of those things for me for […]

Bow Down Before My Formidable Coloring Skills!

I’m a Mythical Beast

And it’s not just my wife who says so. When I’m going to take a day off from work, I email our team to let them know I’ll be out. Here’s a recent missive: Hey y’all, I’m planning to take Friday off as a sanity day and to strip down, don the headdress of the […]

Radio Silence

Hey, Mouseketeers! Sorry for not writing more lately. While school’s in session, our weeks tend to be busy but homogeneous, and our weekends totally unpredictable, neither of which is much good for the discipline of getting things down on paper (or electrons). Here’s the latest: After returning from the conference in Springfield (where I had […]