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Grafik Intervention

Last night, Kathy and I stopped by a neighborhood in downtown San Marcos to see this: The project was done by a typography class at Texas State University, and included this historical home, a neighborhood church, and an old jail. Students had researched the history of each of the structures, and then devised projected sequences […]

My Standoff with the Police

Last Saturday, I took three hostages. I had gone to the apartment where my ex-girlfriend lives with her parents to find her and get her back. After four months of living together, she had moved out a couple of weeks earlier, and I was desperate to find her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there, and as things […]

Halloween Costume

This year for halloween, I decided that I wanted to do something that I had never seen anybody else do. After mulling it over a bit, I hit upon an idea I loved: I would be a stick figure. Now, those of you who know me will recognize that I am far from a natural […]

Tonight’s Excitement

The series of events: We offer to look after our neighbor’s dog while she’s away. Our neighbor deposits her keys with us and leaves town. Liam’s friend Noah comes over to spend the night with us. We go have spaghetti dinner with friends down the street. Liam, Noah, Maggie and I return to the house […]

Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion Project

Kathy and I attended the Pat Metheny show in Austin last night. We’d never gotten to see him before, and were familiar with very little of his music, but I was crazy to see this show once Barry Brake brought it to our attention. Why? The Orchestrion! What is the Orchestrion? It’s a huge assemblage […]

Facebook and the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

My good friend Daniel Priest recently posted the following to his Facebook profile: Daniel Priest is a tree climbing fool I thought that it was important that the conversation that ensued be available for posterity outside of Facebook’s domain, so here it is. When the undead rise up, you’ll thank me. Matthew Christopher Davidson, May […]

Attack of the Meme: 25 Things

Over on Facebook, there’s a rash of “25 Things About Me” posts going around. While I’m usually reluctant to wax that narcissistic, I do secretly love to pollute the air with self-centered ramblings as much as the next guy. (Plus, several people have now tagged me in their 25 Things lists.) So, if you’ll indulge […]

Twitter Status Board

Several months ago, I noticed that one of the nearby offices was using a whiteboard mounted outside their office door to keep people informed of their comings and goings. “That’s good communication!” I thought to myself, “but my team is made up of geeks. Surely we can do something nerdier!” Thus was born an experiment […]


Last night I posted to Twitter: Watching a Nova show on string theory. (It was a requirement to maintain my supernerd certification this month.) This morning, my friend Jeff presented me this, created in cooperation with his wife Fazia: This of course immediately became one of my new favorite things. Be sure to appreciate the […]

Random Shiny Things

Jason Young mocked me recently for not having updated for a while, which, of course, hurt my feelings deeply. (Oh, wait, that’s right — I’m a guy, and therefore don’t have feelings. Sweet!) I’ve not been in a writing frame of mind lately, but do want to keep up with our family happenings. Some recent […]