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XBox Live Gold and a Pet Peeve

WARNING: Nerdy, kvetchy, juvenile rant ahead. Those of a sensitive disposition may wish to avert their eyes. You must be at least 48″ tall to read this post. Pregnant women or visitors with neck or back problems should sit this one out. Please consult your physician before proceeding. Do not read while under the influence […]

Hooray for Google!

This afternoon, I noticed that one of my Google Calendars had utterly vanished. I tried all the troubleshooting steps available in their help forum, but it was still gone. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get any real help, based on some of the posts in the forum, but I sent them […]

Kindle Impressions

I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with an Amazon Kindle over the past week. The Kindle is Amazon’s attempt to bring book reading and distribution into the 21st century. It’s essentially a small, purpose-built, handheld computer that incorporates several interesting technologies to create a compelling experience for the book lover. The first distinctive […]

Fiesta Texas, or How I Got Robbed By Porky Pig

This summer, I’m taking each of the kids out individually for a day on the town. The first of these trips was with Emily. We went to Fiesta Texas, the San Antonio theme park, on (of course) the hottest day of the week. Spending time with Emily was the best part of the trip. We […]

The World’s Ugliest Coffee House

A few days ago, I twittered that the world’s ugliest coffee shop had opened down the street from us. My friends Ron and Heather asked for more information and challenged the shop’s honorific, so I hereby offer these two photos, snapped hastily this morning on my way to work so that the proprietor wouldn’t know […]

Sci-Fi Future: Bioengineering

On one of our recent dates, Kathy and I had stopped by the local pet store to browse around a bit. While passing by the fish, I noticed tank full of fish that were even more brightly colored than the usual tropicals. When asked, a salesperson explained to me that they were GloFish: zebra fish […]

Bo Jon’s Surf & Gifts: Beware

Sunday, April 20, 2008 This past weekend, the family was down in Port Aransas for Sandfest. As we were leaving town, we decided to stop by Bo Jon’s Surf & Gifts, a big gift shop near one of the central intersections with an entrance made up to look like a shark’s mouth, about 2:00pm. While […]

New Glasses

I just got in two new pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical. Here’s the regular pair, with nifty European-style frames and anti-reflective coating for night driving and computer work: And the prescription sunglasses, with 80% gray tint and some regular frames: Total cost for both pairs: about $50. The quality of the glasses seems good, […]

Catalog Choice

Just a quick post to point out Catalog Choice, a service to allow you to opt-out of receiving paper catalogs in the mail that don’t interest you. You get less junk mail, the catalog companies don’t spend money sending catalogs that just end up in the trash, and trees get a stay of execution. Win-win, […]

iPhone Quest 2007: Success!

My buddy David went down to San Antonio Thursday night to queue up for Apple’s new iPhone. His patience was rewarded not only with successful acquisition of one of the coveted devices, but also with the chance to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. He received coverage on: My San Antonio: There was also a […]