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Moving Servers

Dear Internet: I am currently in the process of moving this weblog from one server to another. The old server was having troubles that my hosting service was unable to figure out how to fix, so I’m relocating to one of their shiny new boxes with Solaris on it. Things may be slightly bumpy while […]

Back Issues Online

I finally got around to fiddling with some code today to get my old weblog content imported here. You can now read all of my posts back to March 2000 if you have nothing better to do. (I assure you, however, you do.) In other news, today is Abigail’s 11th birthday! Be sure to lavish […]

Moving to WordPress

This weblog has always been run on Conversant, an excellent groupware, weblogging and publishing tool created by Macrobyte Resources. I worked for the company back in 2000, and enjoyed that time immensely, thanks both to the superb people I was surrounded by and the great projects we got to work on together. It was a […]