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Zombie Attack

When I left Texas State University to go work for Magnolia, I decided that one last big prank was in order. My usual partners-in-crime and I brainstormed for a while one afternoon and eventually came up with a scheme we liked: we would zombify our bosses’ offices. Plan Z was born!   In order to […]

Now It Can Be Told

Now that I’ve left Texas State University’s employ, there are a couple other pranks that my partner-in-crime Jeff Snider and I pulled that can be made public. Prank the First Texas State University wrestles with something of an institutional inferiority complex. This is caused by the fact that it used to have a reputation as […]

The Heist

During my junior year at The King’s College (1991), I was a Resident Assistant and thus had a room to myself. One of the ways I took advantage of that situation was by launching a string of practical jokes, most of which were directed at Steve Everhart, my boss and the Resident Director of the […]


Last night I posted to Twitter: Watching a Nova show on string theory. (It was a requirement to maintain my supernerd certification this month.) This morning, my friend Jeff presented me this, created in cooperation with his wife Fazia: This of course immediately became one of my new favorite things. Be sure to appreciate the […]

Of Teddy Bears and Farting Dogs

My friend Amy Boyd has, over the time that she has worked at Texas State University, acquired a fairly impressive collection of stuffed animals. This was not because she bought them herself, or even because she’s particularly fond of them, but because someone gave her the first one as a joke. Other people got it […]

Cuckoo Clock

Our department has an annual white elephant gift exchange. If you’ve never participated in one, they go something like this: Player A chooses a wrapped gift from a pile and unwraps it. Player B then can select another wrapped gift, or steal Player A’s. Player A then selects a new wrapped gift. Player C selects […]