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Free Stanford AI Course

This October, anyone can take an Introduction to Artificial Intelligence class, taught by professors at Stanford, for free. This is great. But it gets better. In order to expand the scope of the class from the 200 people they’ve been teaching in person, the instructors will be using AI software to grade homework, aggregate discussion […]

Mad Science: Jam Jar Jet

This past Friday, Jason Young and I got together for a visit. Since Baylor Sing had just wrapped up for him, and I was starting 3 days of unemployment, we decided to drown our sorrows with alcohol. But, being the mildly destructive nerds that we are, we decided it would be more fun to set […]


Last night I posted to Twitter: Watching a Nova show on string theory. (It was a requirement to maintain my supernerd certification this month.) This morning, my friend Jeff presented me this, created in cooperation with his wife Fazia: This of course immediately became one of my new favorite things. Be sure to appreciate the […]

Radio Silence

Hey, Mouseketeers! Sorry for not writing more lately. While school’s in session, our weeks tend to be busy but homogeneous, and our weekends totally unpredictable, neither of which is much good for the discipline of getting things down on paper (or electrons). Here’s the latest: After returning from the conference in Springfield (where I had […]


I’ve been intrigued by Personal Rapid Transit since 2002. I’ve gone so far as to do some software modeling and simulation of a PRT system for San Marcos (with a station right by my house, natch), and those of you unfortunate enough to live near me have probably been regaled by my excited blathering on […]

Sci-Fi Future: Bioengineering

On one of our recent dates, Kathy and I had stopped by the local pet store to browse around a bit. While passing by the fish, I noticed tank full of fish that were even more brightly colored than the usual tropicals. When asked, a salesperson explained to me that they were GloFish: zebra fish […]