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An Open Letter to Wake The Dead Coffee House

Hi Julie, I saw the other day that some folks in the neighborhood are petitioning to have your beer & wine license revoked, due to a perceived negative impact on the neighborhood. As a resident of the same neighborhood, I wanted you to know that I’m against that action for a variety of reasons. I’m […]


I’ve been intrigued by Personal Rapid Transit since 2002. I’ve gone so far as to do some software modeling and simulation of a PRT system for San Marcos (with a station right by my house, natch), and those of you unfortunate enough to live near me have probably been regaled by my excited blathering on […]

Sci-Fi Future: Bioengineering

On one of our recent dates, Kathy and I had stopped by the local pet store to browse around a bit. While passing by the fish, I noticed tank full of fish that were even more brightly colored than the usual tropicals. When asked, a salesperson explained to me that they were GloFish: zebra fish […]

Catalog Choice

Just a quick post to point out Catalog Choice, a service to allow you to opt-out of receiving paper catalogs in the mail that don’t interest you. You get less junk mail, the catalog companies don’t spend money sending catalogs that just end up in the trash, and trees get a stay of execution. Win-win, […]