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A Few Articles from Mutual Mobile

Over the past year, I’ve written a few articles for Mutual Mobile that I’ve never gotten around to posting here. They’re all more or less technical, so may not be interesting if you visit for personal and family stories. If you’d like to see any of these, they’re linked here. Unit Tests that Write Themselves: […]

iBeacons Lessons Learned

I recently published an article covering our experiences with iBeacons at Mutual Mobile on the Mutual Mobile Engineering Blog. I was excited to see this morning that it was picked up by iOS Dev Weekly. Thanks for the enthusiasm and the link, Dave!

Article on Unit Testing in iOS

I’ve just had the first article in a series published over at the Mutual Mobile Engineering Blog. It’s all about making Unit Testing more efficient and less repetitious. The article is written with a focus on iOS, but the principles can be applied more broadly as well. Part I is now available. And now, so […]

Accessibility: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Do It

I did a presentation at CocoaConf Dallas today on how, as a developer, to make your iOS apps usable by people with visual impairments. It was a lot of fun, and seemed to be well-received by the conference attendees. If you’d like to see the slides, you can download them here: In addition, I announced […]

Pebble First Impressions

I was a fairly early backer of the much-publicized Pebble smart watch. After being wristwatch-free for years, I’ve been wearing mine for nearly a week now, and have some early first impressions I thought I’d share for the curious. First off: it’s a good-looking timepiece. While the 144×168 screen resolution sounds almost absurdly low for […]

Going Mobile

On January 2, I”ll be going to work for Mutual Mobile, an Austin-based company that specializes in application development for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. “But Sean!” I hear you, Rhetorically Convenient Reader, cry. “You just started working for Magnolia back in March! Why are you moving on again so soon?” That’s a good question. […]

Ditching Titanium

Back in March, I posted my Thoughts on Titanium, which we were using at the time to develop Texas State’s iPhone application. Since that time, we’ve become increasingly frustrated with the system, and have finally decided to leave it behind and rewrite the application in a combination of native Objective C code and HTML/CSS/Javascript. This […]

Why the iPhone is the Best Camera Ever

Back in the early days of digital cameras, I bought a Kodak DC220 camera. By today’s standards, this camera is wholly unremarkable: 1MP resolution, 2x optical zoom, and a funny shape. But it had one feature that stood out, and which modern cameras entirely lack: a scripting language. Anybody with a modicum of technical acumen […]

Texas State iPhone App Released

At long last, the official Texas State University iPhone App is released! The team brainstormed and prototyped the original version as a learning exercise at the beginning of the year, but once Marketing got wind of it, it quickly became a high-priority project. I’m really proud of my crew, who have all stepped up and […]

Brief Thoughts on the iPad

I’ve had intermittent access to an iPad for about two weeks now through work, and finally feel like I have a grasp on what it is, what it’s good at, and what it lacks. First off, the iPad doesn’t do everything. It’s not a full-on replacement for a computer. In fact, you can’t even get […]