Moving to WordPress

This weblog has always been run on Conversant, an excellent groupware, weblogging and publishing tool created by Macrobyte Resources. I worked for the company back in 2000, and enjoyed that time immensely, thanks both to the superb people I was surrounded by and the great projects we got to work on together. It was a remarkable place, cranking out some cutting-edge communication software with a completely distributed workforce, spread across several states, countries, and time zones. Alas, we eventually all moved in different directions, though Conversant lived on and continued to grow and to be improved.

And while Conversant has served me personally long and well, I’m finally moving the website off of it and on to WordPress, a nifty open-source publishing system that lacks some of the really amazing features that Conversant boasts, but which is easier for me to tweak for myself and which has a large and active community of people doing interesting things with it. This is a tough decision, as I’ve invested a lot into Conversant, and am reluctant to let it go, but after dithering about it for a year, finally feel like the time has come for this site. (I’m still using Conversant for some of the applications I’ve developed for our church, and have no plans to move those any time soon.)

I’ve moved a bit of the old content over already, and will be bringing over more as I’m able to get it exported from the old site. The look and feel will likely change regularly for a while as I experiment and settle in to the new digs, so please be patient if you turn up one day and it suddenly looks like MySpace (eww). This too shall pass.