New Texas State Homepage

The last 3 months of work at the office finally comes to fruition: we’ve launched the new Texas State University site! The old one was some pretty sloppy work, so I’m particularly excited by the quality of this new design.

Especially sexy bits for the technical folks:

  • XHTML Strict.
  • CSS-based design; not a table in sight.
  • Automatically generated headline text images.
  • All content managed through Magnolia, making it easily maintainable.
  • Unobtrusive Javascript, thanks to Prototype, which we all now adore.
  • Microformat output for events.
  • Rising Stars content managed in Magnolia, output to XML, rendered through Flash.
  • All URLs rewritten on the fly by Javascript to enable link tracking.
  • High performance custom caching architecture.

Next projects: give a similar treatment to the other managed sites and get a decent campus-wide events calendar up, going, and integrated with everything else.