A couple of good articles I’ve stumbled across recently on various current events:

  • Barry Brake rejoices at the restoration of habeus corpus by the US Supreme Court. But sweet betty boop, how is it that this is even contentious? Certainly the cost of arranging hearings for these folks would be the merest fraction of the cost of sending our army overseas, and failing to do so only breeds further resentment of our nation and its policies. While the Constitution does allow for suspension of this right during wartime, it’s difficult to see when this period of wartime might end when one’s enemy is something so nebulous as “terror”.
  • Tim Berners Lee comments on Net Neutrality (via Jim). Tim is widely recognized as the inventor of the World Wide Web, and therefore has some ground to stand on when he comments on issues related to the Internet. And here’s an interesting counterpoint from Richard Bennett, who has worked in Network Engineering for several decades and contributed to many of the protocols that underlie the Internet.