Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-09

  • The guy who helped us at Home Depot today had an impressive (and slightly alarming) amount of expertise in building cannons. #fb #
  • At the Long Center to see PDQ Bach. Squeeeee! #fb #
  • – Lunch w/Kathy at the river. Nibbling on grapefruit while minnows nibble on us. #
  • You know you're in a tough orchestra when a percussionist shows up at rehearsal with a 9mm glockenspiel. #fb #
  • – The cleverly-painted output chute on the San Marcos Cemetery's wood chipper. #
  • Sears: 12 placemats don't need to be giftwrapped individually. Also, either delivery or pickup should be available. Lost sale! #fb #
  • March 6. I guess it's about time to take down the Christmas ornaments. #fb #
  • Wonderful birthday party. Thank you, dear ones, for helping me ring in the next decade joyfully, in style, and with ballistics. #fb #
  • – Party aftermath. Fun to have musician friends! #
  • Do other people's cats come running excitedly from across the house when they get fresh litter? Seems kinda bizarre to me. #fb #
  • iPhone friends: is there a way to load a single app from a dev machine without having to delete all your normal apps from a main machine? #

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