Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-18

  • At Abigail's Spring Dance Show. Go Abby! Woo! #
  • Today is our Emily's 18th birthday. Hope you have a great one, beloved daughter! #fb #
  • Spousal Burrito Delivery FTW! Thanks, sweetheart. #fb #
  • The cactus are in bloom again here in Texas. Beautiful time of year. #
  • More spring loveliness! #
  • Finally some peace and quiet! #
  • Funny thing: whenever there are fewer parents than usual at our house, we seem to end up with more kids than usual. Mmmm, tasty irony. #fb #
  • Fuji, McIntosh, Rome Beauty, Pippin, Red Delicious, you are all dead to me. Granny Smith is the One True Apple. #fb #
  • The best part? There really is an active Unicycle Football League in San Marcos. #
  • My 9 year old is doing an impression of a dalek by putting a trash can on her head and shouting "Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!" I'm so proud … #

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