Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-25

  • Yay! My lovely bride is back from her 5 day sojourn in the far country of New York, where she had a really good visit with family. #fb #
  • Liam, who has been complaining that "it feels like I swallowed a slug", has strep. (He succumbed to immunological peer pressure.) #fb #
  • Hey, our Emily is in the paper! Good job, sweetie! #fb #
  • A University campus between semesters has something of a graveyard's rich, full stillness to it. I do enjoy these academic lulls. #fb #
  • Kathy's hibiscus in magnificent and frequent bloom. Makes me want more of them! #
  • Appropriate that they chose a mascot with a notoriously nasty spitting habit. #
  • Just ordered a Lumix DMC-FZ35. Super-jazzed to finally be getting a more flexible camera. (Prepare to suffer through lots of pics!) #fb #
  • The squirrels on campus ae exceptionally friendly this morning. #
  • Daily Shoot: Purple Library Bookshelves. #ds190 #

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